Account Managers and Creative Directors | Why a Symbiotic Relationship is Vital

Sep 25, 2023

It’s no surprise that creatives and account managers often butt heads in the world of marketing.

The account manager and the creative director are always in the clients corner ensuring that they are getting the most out of their relationship with the agency, however, having an account manager and a creative director who are on the same page can blossom into a truly great relationship between the agency and the client.

As a young account manager coming from the corporate world, my answer was always “yes sir!” which would often cause unrest within our production team. However, as time goes on , the question “why?” has been ingrained in our daily vernacular. We have found that slowing down and asking why something needs to be done, and sitting with our creative director results in positivity in both the relationship between the account manager and the creative team, but also provides an immense amount of value for the client, as more often than not, the creative director can provide a completely different approach that will end up paying off big in the end for clients.

An interesting trend takes place when working in a group of creatives. As account managers, we always think we know what is best for our clients. However, building a strong rapport with your creative director and building an open channel of communication and trust is key.

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