Bahlr. That’s me.

Embark on a journey of strategic excellence with Corey Jeppesen, the mastermind behind Bahlr. These aren’t just consultations; they are elite experiences where insight, innovation, and personalized guidance come together to elevate your business vision.

15 minutes

Assessment and Placement Call


An initial complimentary session to gauge where you stand professionally and how your branding, website, and social media content strategy align with your business goals. In this brief but insightful call, Corey will discuss your current positioning, provide feedback, and guide you to the services that best fit your needs, with the option to engage further.

  • 15-minute introductory call with Corey, available via video meeting or phone call.
  • Evaluation of your professional status, branding, website, and social media strategy.
  • Expert feedback and recommendations for appropriate Bahlr Media services.
  • No obligation, the first step to tailor-made solutions.

Fees cover consultation time and strategic advice. Any additional services or execution of strategies discussed during the sessions can be contracted separately.

30 minutes

Preliminary Brand Audit

$ 250 / per session

Elevate your brand with a deeper dive into your professional presence during a 30-minute session. Corey will provide an in-depth analysis of your branding, website, and social media strategies, aligning them with your business goals. This tailored consultation offers personalized feedback, actionable insights, and a strategic roadmap to enhance your market positioning and growth potential. Invest in your brand’s future with expert guidance and the option for further engagement.

  • 30-Minute In-Depth Consultation: Engage directly with Corey in a focused session to elevate your brand.
  • Comprehensive Brand Analysis: Receive an expert review of your brand’s current positioning, including your website and social media strategies.
  • Tailored Strategic Insights: Gain personalized feedback and actionable insights to align your branding efforts with your business goals.
  • Foundation for Future Success: Use this audit as a stepping stone towards further engagement and brand development.

Fees cover consultation time and strategic advice. Any additional services or execution of strategies discussed during the sessions can be contracted separately.

1 hour

Intro Assessment Package

$ 500 / per session

A concise yet powerful session designed for immediate impact. In this one-on-one consultation, Corey will provide a high-level overview and strategic insights into your digital presence, setting the stage for transformative growth.

  • 1-hour session with Corey, either virtually or in-person.
  • Broad assessment of the client’s digital presence, including branding, web, and content strategy.
  • Personalized advice and guidance for strategic direction.
  • Focus on education and knowledge sharing, with actionable insights for clients to implement independently.

Fees cover consultation time and strategic advice. Any additional services or execution of strategies discussed during the sessions can be contracted separately.

2 hours

Pro Package

$ 1,500 / per session

This extended session offers a deeper dive into your business’s digital world. Corey’s expert analysis and tailored advice will give you a clearer path for enhancing your brand, website, and content strategy.

  • Everything in the 1-hour package, with deeper analysis and more detailed advice.
  • 2-hour session, leading to a comprehensive written meeting summary and actionable steps.
  • Customized suggestions for website layout, content strategy, and brand enhancement.
  • Deliverables include a detailed site map PDF, a one-month content strategy, and tailored recommendations.
  • Option for discounted rates on future execution of discussed strategies.

Fees cover consultation time and strategic advice. Any additional services or execution of strategies discussed during the sessions can be contracted separately.

2 days

Bahlr Elite

$ 7,500 / one time

Dive deep into the heart of your business’s online presence with an exclusive, two-day consulting retreat designed for profound digital transformation. This meticulously crafted experience combines strategic planning with luxurious relaxation, ensuring that every aspect of your digital strategy is explored and elevated.

Day 1: Strategic Deep Dive

2 hours of focused, in-person consultation.

Engage in an in-depth analysis of your digital presence, covering all bases from your branding, website’s user experience to your social media effectiveness. Corey will lead the session, employing a comprehensive approach to diagnose and strategize improvements tailored specifically to your business needs.

Outcome: You will leave with a detailed outline and actionable steps for enhancing your digital strategy, designed to position your business for maximum online impact.

Day 2: Exclusive Dining and Strategic Reflection

A 2-hour private and exclusive dinner at a top-tier restaurant, all expenses paid.

In a relaxed and luxurious setting, enjoy an exquisite meal while delving into discussions about the strategic plans laid out on Day 1. This is a unique opportunity to reflect on your strategy, ask in-depth questions, and get to know Corey on a personal level.

Outcome: This session is designed to solidify your understanding of the next steps and ensure you’re fully comfortable with the strategic direction. It’s also an excellent opportunity for networking and building a deeper professional relationship with Corey.

  • Two days of personalized, one-on-one consultation with Corey, a renowned expert in digital strategy.
  • An immersive experience designed to unlock the full potential of your business online.
  • Opportunities for detailed strategic planning, personalized referrals, and networking.
  • Luxurious dining experience to foster deeper conversation and reflection.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts for the full execution of your digital strategies.
  • Option to bring guests to the dinner, enhancing the networking and collaborative opportunities.


  • Comprehensive understanding and improvement plan for your digital presence.
  • Personalized advice and strategy from an industry expert.
  • Luxurious setting that encourages deep reflection and strategic thinking.
  • Opportunity to become a private client for an ongoing, intimate consulting relationship.
  • Elevate your business with an experience that combines professional growth with luxury. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together

Fees cover consultation time and strategic advice. Any additional services or execution of strategies discussed during the sessions can be contracted separately.

Overall Service Philosophy

The goal of each consultation is to leave every client feeling lighter, more empowered, and focused. These sessions are not just meetings; they’re transformative experiences designed to effectively communicate your unique value, reducing your burden while introducing a new partner in your corner. Expect an empowering, exclusive, and intimate journey towards business success with Corey.


“I was at a low point in my social media career when Corey gave me some sound advice. As a result, I was able to collaborate with a famous influencer who then featured me in some of his content. Not sure if I would have pulled the trigger if it weren’t for Corey’s encouragement.”

Adam Foote


“Corey Jeppeson is my GO TO for all things marketing! He just built the most amazing website for me and helped my personal brand grow to the next level! Very thankful for the entire Bahl media team! They are incredible to work with and have been a joy through and through!”

Erik Rock


“I’ve never seen anyone bring as much energy and work as hard for their clients as Corey does. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries, and the marketing value and expertise he provides is priceless.”

Kevin Graham


“I’ve worked with Corey for many years in the creative marketing industry in both the agency world and at multiple community events he’s put on or been a part of. As a marketer, he humanizes marketing approaches for brands with strategies that take chances to stand out”

Matthew A.S. Bogue


“Corey leads his team with a truly caring approach to curiosity and surrounds himself with a smart selection of skilled associates. I’ve watched his value-add increase for our communities. Have one meeting to see for yourself. I did.”

Jon Kimball

SpaceRace RF

“We are thrilled with the exceptional work of the marketing geniuses at Bahlr who brought our vision to life for the Bier Haus website! Incredibly efficient and creative, they crafted a captivating online presence that perfectly captures our brand's essence.”

Ben Widmyer


“Corey Jeppesen connects; first to you, then your message, then your vision. Your audience is next. He makes reaching out to the world understandable, simple, and powerful. Corey joins the best version of you and your business to those that need you. He is our trusted conductor.”

Michael B. Koep


About Corey Jeppesen

Corey Jeppesen, the “Modern Day Mad Man,” is a marketing virtuoso with over 15 years of multifaceted experience.

As the founder of Bahlr Media and a pioneer in digital marketing, Corey’s journey from a graphic designer to an industry influencer is marked by his work with iconic brands and personalities.

His unique skill in navigating the digital landscape has made him a beacon for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking cutting-edge, impactful marketing strategies. Corey’s dedication to innovation and client success sets him apart, making every consultation an opportunity to leverage his vast expertise for your business’s growth.