Strategized Success Through Expert Consulting

At Bahlr Media, we pride ourselves on propelling brands to the zenith of success. Now, we are going a step further by partnering with the ingenious expertise available at Modern Day Mad Man, with Corey Jeppesen leading the helm to guide your brand to unparalleled heights.

Need Consulting?

Unleash your business’ full potential with the expert guidance of Corey Jeppesen, the creative force behind “Modern Day Mad Man”. With over 15 years of leadership in the marketing and branding sphere, Corey has a distinguished track record of transforming business visions into remarkable realities.

Dive deep into our enriched consulting services, meticulously crafted by Corey to offer a trajectory of success:

One Time Consulting Service

Engage in a transformative experience with a one-off consulting service, offering an immersive, tailored pathway to business growth, steeped in strategic insights and actionable blueprints.

6 Month Consulting Plan

Embark on a guided journey spanning half a year, promising regular enriching insights and actionable strategies through monthly consultations, fostering your brand’s transformation into an industry leader.

Annual Consulting Plan

Commit to a holistic year-long program that stands as a pillar of continual support and guidance, featuring bi-weekly consultations and a VIP initiation into a realm of exponential growth and opportunities.

Introductory Service

Forge a year-long alliance with Corey, where mentorship meets exclusive access to industry-leading resources, sculpting a strategic pathway that targets nothing short of the pinnacle of success.

Ready to embark on a journey of transformation, unprecedented growth, and strategic triumph?

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