Employee Engagement: The Often Missing Link

Sep 25, 2023

If your employees aren’t engaged and committed to the culture of your company, your client care will suffer

Over the years, it seems there have been a multitude of studies done on ways to increase customer retention and satisfaction, and often, companies say they have found the magic potion by “following these three steps!” or “through this great model.” However, it seems They often overlook the most important piece…sitting inside their four walls are their most important asset—their employees.

A study done by the Temkin group found that employee engagement is one of the key competencies when it comes to customer service. To be blunt, if your employees aren’t engaged and committed to the culture of your company, your client care will suffer.

At Bahlr Media, we feel we have found the “secret sauce,” if you will, at keeping our staff engaged, and in turn, keeping our client care as our top priority. We do this by encouraging and welcoming employee feedback, brainstorming sessions, and company staff recognition.

When employees feel valued, and they are able to play an active role in the brainstorming and growth of the company, and are rewarded for their ideas and hard work, is when you will see them truly plug in and work for the goal of the company.

Often, people feel they need to spend tons of money by bringing in consultants to tell them how to engage their employees in their business, and to get them to provide feedback, and help grow the company. At Bahlr Media, we’ve found quite the opposite when it comes to engaging employees. We’ve found making a conscientious effort to spend time together as a group, surprising the team with half days or lunch surprises and working together collaboratively in all aspects of life have made our team as strong as ever. As a result, we strongly believe without a shadow of a doubt that our team truly provides the best level of client care out there.

Temkin study: https://www.qualtrics.com/xm-institute/

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