Macs the Tool of Choice for Designers

Sep 25, 2023

In the world of graphic design it’s no mystery that Macs are heralded as the tool of choice

Legacy and Tradition

In the 80s the race to develop a usable personal computer was under way and Apple answered the call with the Macintosh. Users loved it’s GUI (Graphic User Interface) and companies loved its abilities for their software. As Apple continued to create a more design-centric product software companies followed suit and started producing design software exclusively for Macs. Adobe is considered the standard design software to this day and Adobe, in fact, was originally only available on a Mac which further informed the necessity for designers to use Macs.

From a design perspective Macs are better at rendering fonts allowing for more options for typefaces in their OS. Apple was also considered to have a more friendlier User Experience than the competition.

As time goes by Apple has maintained the designer friendly user experience that designers love and cherish. Most software and third party apps seem to be more user friendly on a Mac. As a younger generation continues to develop into the workplace its common for their mentors to be Mac friendly and require work to be done on a Mac.

Mac’s Kryptonite

The one major complaint with using a Mac is the price. Some designers actually feel like this is enough of an issue to go with a PC while others are afraid that if they don’t use a Mac they’re not a legit designer. Don’t worry, in the end your design skills are more important than wether you are using a Mac or PC. Most design companies will teach you how to use a Mac and will supply a Mac for you at work if necessary. In the end its what software you use and that the files are outputted for your project requirements.

Reason for a PC

Windows computers cost well below that of a standard Mac and that money saved will allow you to build a faster machine that will help your workflow. You also get the ability to use the native windows only business software which is more compatible to your business clients. The ability to upgrade and customize hardware is a plus for example if your doing high-end animation or video production you are better able to leverage the abilities of a PC to complete your visuals than that of a standard Mac.

Matter of Preference

Graphic Designers use Macs because its the standard. Designers are taught on Macs and design companies work on Macs so it only makes sense that we work on Macs. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to choose which tools help in getting the job done. The “Real Designers use Mac” argument dies the moment you show your client the quality of work regardless of which device you used to complete their project.

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