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OnBahlr – Quarterly VIP Evening Dinner and Executive Roundtable

Experience the Exclusive “OnBahlr” VIP Evening Dinner

Join us for a quarterly evening of luxury dining and networking at the “OnBahlr” VIP event. As a member of Bahlr VIP, you’ll have the opportunity to be selected for an exclusive, all-expenses-paid dinner with Bahlr Media founder, Corey, and other influential members of the network. Enjoy fine food, drinks, and the chance to forge meaningful connections in a lavish setting, all “OnBahlr’s dime.”


“I was at a low point in my social media career when Corey gave me some sound advice. As a result, I was able to collaborate with a famous influencer who then featured me in some of his content. Not sure if I would have pulled the trigger if it weren’t for Corey’s encouragement.”

Adam Foote


“Corey Jeppeson is my GO TO for all things marketing! He just built the most amazing website for me and helped my personal brand grow to the next level! Very thankful for the entire Bahl media team! They are incredible to work with and have been a joy through and through!”

Erik Rock


“I’ve never seen anyone bring as much energy and work as hard for their clients as Corey does. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries, and the marketing value and expertise he provides is priceless.”

Kevin Graham


“I’ve worked with Corey for many years in the creative marketing industry in both the agency world and at multiple community events he’s put on or been a part of. As a marketer, he humanizes marketing approaches for brands with strategies that take chances to stand out”

Matthew A.S. Bogue


“Corey leads his team with a truly caring approach to curiosity and surrounds himself with a smart selection of skilled associates. I’ve watched his value-add increase for our communities. Have one meeting to see for yourself. I did.”

Jon Kimball

SpaceRace RF

“We are thrilled with the exceptional work of the marketing geniuses at Bahlr who brought our vision to life for the Bier Haus website! Incredibly efficient and creative, they crafted a captivating online presence that perfectly captures our brand's essence.”

Ben Widmyer


“Corey Jeppesen connects; first to you, then your message, then your vision. Your audience is next. He makes reaching out to the world understandable, simple, and powerful. Corey joins the best version of you and your business to those that need you. He is our trusted conductor.”

Michael B. Koep


Join Bahlr VIP to become eligible for the “OnBahlr” quarterly evening dinner and executive roundtable.