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Provided Artisan Primary Care with a new brand and launched successful lead-generating campaigns

Marketing Case Study

Artisan Primary Care

Dr. James Bailey is a Direct Primary Care physician located in Post Falls, ID, serving families throughout the region. His monthly membership payment model has enabled him to better treat the needs of patients, without being controlled by the rules and regulations of insurance companies. Because of this, his practice has become increasingly popular amongst local residents who want an easy, hassle-free form of healthcare.

Artisan primary care branding

The Brief

Dr. Bailey had just started his practice when he approached Bahlr Media. He was looking to build his client base, which would require branding and a new website. Since Dr. Bailey was starting nearly from scratch, Artisan Primary Care could be built from the ground up without any previous brand interference.

The Problem

Dr. Bailey’s practice had little to no brand recognition which posed a challenge, as well as endless opportunity. When it comes to healthcare providers, patient turnover is very low due to the lack of “shopping around.” It’s not uncommon for a person to stick with their primary care doctor until they retire. This makes it difficult to gain patients, especially within a healthcare model that doesn’t accept insurance.

The Solution

Bahlr Media’s efforts were focused on making the Direct Primary Care model an attractive and feasible alternative to traditional managed care. We’ve provided Dr. Bailey with a new website, branding, and an established social media presence. In addition, Bahlr Media has launched various Facebook campaigns in order to generate leads.

Artboard 1


Artisan Primary Care’s campaigns have seen an overwhelming amount of leads and interest from potential patients in a short span of one month. Dr. Bailey has received 33 leads from a facebook messaging campaign at 20% of industry average cost-per-lead. This has resulted from targeting only mothers with multiple children in the Coeur d’Alene area with certain income requirements.

33 + Qualified Highly Motivated Leads
20 % Of Industry Average Cost-Per-Lead

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