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Custom branding for Corbin Customs and improving upon marketing efforts

The Brief

Corbin Custom Works was born out of necessity to supply the rising market of UTV and side-by-side owners with blinkers, horns, license plate kits, and other accessories to make their machines street-legal. Corbin was one of the first aftermarket manufacturers of these accessories and add-ons, and even beat many of the OEM manufacturers to the market. Corbin’s flagship and highest-selling product ranges from approximately $249 to $319, which includes all the necessary pieces to make your UTV street legal in most states.

Corbin Custom Work Website mockup

The Problem

Although Corbin produces a premium product, the market was slowly becoming more and more crowded as OEM UTV manufacturers themselves saw the potential and began offering their own OEM harnesses and add-ons. In order to reach a national audience, Corbin’s sole sales funnel was Shopify e-commerce, coupled with Google Shopping and Google Search ads.

Corbin's goal was to capitalize on a hot market that was already being sought after by droves of enthusiasts, and hopefully beat OEM manufacturers to the conversation by offering a product for a relatively low price in comparison while potential customers are still in their early research phase. Google Ads had primarily been handled in-house with a relatively small budget and a template-based Shopify site. With the market expanding, it was time to pass this off to a marketing team.

"As a whole, we were able to attribute 726 website checkouts to Google Ads, and saw an incredible site-wide conversion rate of just over 2.25%."

Our Solution

While the initial $1000 budget continued running, our first step was to work on a more professional and trustworthy rebrand, as well as a new website, before we overhauled the actual ads themselves. If Corbin Custom Works was going to be trusted on the same level as Polaris, CanAm, and Honda themselves, we had to give Corbin a facelift that reflected a company on that level first and foremost. Although website aesthetic was a focus, the main reasoning behind the redesign was reformulating and redeveloping the user flow of the website to something that would be easier to navigate and thusly increase the conversion rate. With a low conversion rate, it doesn’t matter how well-built a company’s ads are or how much money they spend, it’s next to impossible to turn a profit off of those ads. Luckily, Corbin’s products were highly sought-after quality products, and despite a low conversion rate, their sales were still turning a profit after adjusting for organic SEO traffic. That being said, there was plenty of room for improvement.

Upon launching the new set of Google Search and Shopping Ads, we saw a massive increase in sales and conversion. After a year of management, we were able to achieve record numbers at the end of 2018, with over a 1,200% Return on Investment on Google Ads alone. As a whole, we were able to attribute 726 website checkouts to Google Ads, and saw an incredible site-wide conversion rate of just over 2.25%.


When developing and site mapping a website, it is important to establish a single goal “conversion,” especially in e-commerce builds, which is something that is often overlooked. The proof is right in this case study of what can happen when you get your products in front of the right people, especially in niche markets. Although Corbin Custom Works is primarily e-commerce rather than traditional retail sales, their success is greatly due to all campaign materials being targeted and conveying a consistent message across all platforms.

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