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Full E-Commerce branding of bulletproof windows, doors and panels

The Brief:

Covenant Security Equipment, formerly known as InterbankX, is a national retailer of security equipment for buildings, such as banks, restaurants, schools, and churches. From bulletproof teller windows and doors, to bulletproof panels and drive-thru drop boxes, they specialize in products that will keep the people inside these buildings safe. They are incredibly niche products that are primarily sold business-to-business (although we are currently working on a consumer-facing strategy), as they tend to appeal to architects and builders designing buildings and remodels utilizing the equipment. These products also vary wildly in price, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.

Covenant Security Equipment Website Mock up

The Problem:

We were initially approached by CSE (then-known as InterbankX) to give their aging website a facelift and help them roll out a new, younger brand, however, we quickly found that perhaps a fresh build was in order, on the platform Shopify, to help prepare for the future and their ever-increasing sales figures, sales staff, and product catalog. The branding and web-build were relatively run-of-the-mill, however the strategy for migrating products over to a new site, managing fresh SEO, and retaining previous customers as flawlessly as possible were imperative. This gets increasingly difficult to manage when you take into account the notably long sales funnel for the industry; it’s not uncommon for 6 months or more to pass from the research phase to the ordering of products for the project that is currently being worked on.

"The company had, for the first time, grossed over $1,000,000 in online conversions alone in 2018 between the two websites."

The Solution:

By utilizing many marketing channels, including a Google Ads the company had, for the first time, grossed over $1,000,000 in online conversions alone in 2018 between the two websites (not counting traditional sales through generated phone calls and estimate requests, which is typically about 3/4 of CSE’s total sales numbers), contributing close to 50% of those sales to the landing pages and campaigns that we have built and managed. Unlike many other e-commerce retail spaces, this market is generally very competitive and requires constant competitive analysis and pivoting. Most product is sourced from the same manufacturers, so wholesale pricing is fairly consistent for all competitors.

Because of this, marketing is extra important, as product positioning and differentiation is difficult to achieve in the space. By monitoring the competitors, we are able to shift focus to new products and fill gaps, or insert ourselves in a conversation that is already happening via Google Ads. Bahlr’s SEO services have been a large focus moving forward as driving traffic aside from builders and architects doing product research has become increasingly more important. By creating consistent video and blog content, we are able to develop an organic reach that allows us to not only sell products (linked within the blogs and video descriptions), but also be a resource for those seeking information and advice on how to effectively utilize products and designs.


Covenant Security Equipment is a prime example of how a long relationship with an advertising agency and a willingness to pivot will show significant return in a business. Rather than being stuck as the same e-commerce company they were years ago, CSE has made an effort to be at the top of the market by rebranding, juggling two sales outlets, and continuing to adapt to a very competitive and ever-changing retail space. We are proud to have a lasting relationship with CSE and look forward to continuing the growth long-term.

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