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Hart Capital Management needed to effectively communicate their message, without overwhelming their audience.

Wealth management isn't an industry where conversations are short and sweet. Planning for retirement and trusting your money with an individual or a business takes time and many conversation. Communicating the business effectively, when there is so much to say, is a struggle that many wealth management companies face. This is the problem Bahlr aimed to solve .

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The Brief

Being in the wealth management industry means that you most likely are a small fish in the red ocean of businesses. In order to be successful, you need to get your message out to as many consumers as possible. Explaining how you differentiate yourself, why they should go with you, and how you are the smarter option, can be very taxing, especially when communicating all of that on a website. Communicating Hart Capital's message efficiently and clearly was priority number one.

The Problem

Communicating a business' message can be a huge undertaking for anyone, especially one that involves explaining to someone why they should trust you with their money. It is important to communicate this message effectively and as simple as possible. Boring or overly-complicated content can cause users to either skim or skip reading altogether, which can contribute to a lack of trust.

The Solution

When Hart Capital came to Bahlr for their website needs. We started this process from the ground up. First, taking a hard look at their current site, the amount of content they are communicating, as well as the desired outcome they had for website visits. Our solution was to efficiently and effectively design a website that represented the professional level of service that Hart Capital provides to their clients, as well as communicate their message in a way that was understandable for everyone.

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Throughout the site, content is easily digestible, while design is not too repetitive. We wanted to make sure that as much of the content could stand out, as each touched on a different key point that was important to Hart Capital. Above, you can see the initial touching point the prospect has with Hart Capital. Hart Capital communicates how choosing a financial advisor can be tough, and a decision that they agree, shouldn't be taken lightly.

Below you are able to see how we showcased the services that Hart Capital specializes in, when it comes to work with clients. The reason for these different service focuses, is because Hart Capital understands that each individual has a unique investment plan, goal, and route they wish to take. Many people need portfolio management, while business owners may want to explore their options when it comes to starting retirement programs for their employees.

It is important that each page received special attention so that content found on that page, didn't feel crammed, or forced into a certain layout. With website design, it is important for content and design to work together, so neither one feels out of place. Another example of this with Hart Capital Management is their About Us page. We continued to design pages to work with the content, not against it, in order for it to flow no matter what page the user found themselves on.

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When designing a website, it is important that the content and design work together.
Hart Capital About Us Page Example

The Conclusion

Once the site was built, we sat down with Hart Capital Management and reviewed the site. Both sides were proud of the progress that the site experienced. Hart Capital was confident that this website would better represent the level of professionalism, as well as ease of communication that they originally wanted in the beginning. As we prepared to launch the new site, Bahlr was sure to take care of all necessary 301 redirects from the old site, as well as review and write fresh SEO for each page as it began to get indexed by Google. Bahlr monitors necessary keywords that fit the demographic that clients like Hart Capital Management wish to rank for in search engine results.

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