Bahlr Media Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy

Creating Training Programs Through Functional Web Development

The Brief

Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy is a training program built around holistic gut health, nutrition, and health wellness. HWCA trains and certifies new coaches who take and complete their online program, which allows those new coaches to sell and perform those services to their own clients. The previous brand and website were both performing less than optimal, and it was time for an update.

The Problem

Bahlr Media was originally approached by HWCA because their brand was built outside of a professional agency, and was lacking resources like a vectorized logo, official colors and typefaces, and useable files. They were also unhappy with the brand as it was and, while not wanting a full rebrand, wanted a brand refresh to create a more professional look for the website.

HWCA’s website was built on Wordpress, and used standard plugins to cobble together an approximation to what they were looking for, which was a system that could be used to train and certify new health coaches. The system was very difficult to manage from the content creator and ownership side of things however, and navigating the network of pages between courses and lessons was difficult for users and needed streamlining.

The Solution

Our first task was to consolidate and build resources for HWCA’s brand, which included updating and vectorizing logos, introducing brand colors and typefaces, and building a general brand guideline that would go on to influence future brand decisions, including a new website.

The new website greatly consolidated and streamlined the process for both content creators on the admin side, and students and new users on the public side. The new website was powered by Craft CMS and employed Javascript for the quizzes. The website was designed to be a marketing-ready, conversion-focused experience for new users and those looking for information on HWCA’s courses. Lead generation was baked in, and the chosen conversion (course inquiries and newsletter signups) were given great consideration on every page.

The student experience was also deeply considered, and simplicity for the user was front of mind. It was very important that a user could log in, find their purchased courses, and complete them completely independent of outside HWCA help. Automation was very important for the user experience, and to free up time for the site owner to run her business.

Casestudy brandguide hwca
The website was designed to be a marketing-ready, conversion-focused experience for new users and those looking for information on HWCA’s courses.

The Conclusion

Over a hundred students have signed up and taken classes under the new website, and it's run very well through it all. The performance has been exceptional. Ten courses, and dozens of lessons and quizzes have been added to make the HWCA certification a standard in health coaching.

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