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Created a cohesive web presence, built and managed lead generation campaigns, and acted as marketing consultant for highly-productive sales team

The Brief

LITE-CHECK, LLC is a grassroots engineering company based out of Spokane, Washington that has, over the years, developed a series of groundbreaking products for safety, mechanical, and efficiency testing for commercial trailers. Starting as a first-of-its-kind product in the 1980s being sold door-to-door to maintenance and fleet shops, LITE-CHECK has evolved into a powerhouse within a niche market, delivering a product that not only maximizes efficiency by speeding up a process that could take up to an entire day with multiple technicians down to a matter of minutes with a single technician but also dramatically decreases costs associated with maintenance and management.

Primarily using traditional sales methods, the LITE-CHECK team found that the trucking industry had started to become more reliant on current digital trends than traditional methods. This led to the development of the very first SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform designed for fleet maintenance, as well as them calling upon Bahlr to help update their sales and marketing strategies to stay ahead-of-the-curve, which is something that the transportation industry has taken longer to embrace than most. Not only does this open up a whole new window of opportunity by getting in front of new potential customers, but it also allows them to create some more efficiency within their own business by shortening their otherwise long sales funnel.

The Problem

"LITE-CHECK is truly an example of how housing services under a single umbrella and meticulously curating a personal relationship can create a level of cohesion that cannot be achieved by outsourcing work to many different entities"

Originally, Bahlr was called upon to create assets and systems that helped them use their sales team’s time more effectively by eliminating as much back-and-forth with clients as possible, as the typical sales funnel for LITE-CHECK could sometimes take months depending on the size of the company that they are working with and the level of bureaucracy that comes with it. However, it didn’t take long before we began helping them generate sales as well, to complement the bandwidth that we had been working together to create. In order to do that, we found that there were multiple marketing strategies and services that would benefit LITE-CHECK along this process, which both teams have taken advantage of to create a long-lasting relationship with a bright future of continued success. LITE-CHECK is truly an example of how housing services under a single umbrella and meticulously curating a personal relationship can create a level of cohesion that cannot be achieved by outsourcing work to many different entities, and thusly create an intrinsically more well-rounded and effective marketing effort. From print design and copywriting to web development and digital marketing, it’s important that all creative and analytical services are pushing towards one common goal.

Efficiency, Productivity, Problem-Solving

The Solution

Although learning the sales operation is a continual project that will never end as processes and technology in the business world evolve, tacking this was our first task. We began by converting outdated PDF’s into landing pages and creating very detailed videos that the sales team could attach to emails to help decrease the amount of time that each salesperson was having to spend on the phone and/or videoconferencing with potential clients. This not only sped up the process, but also opened up the sales team’s time to focus on more potential sales. It also created the ability to never entirely close-down a potential lead; when a commissioned salesperson is pressed for time, they have to eventually make a call as to whether a potential customer is still viable or not. By having a plethora of assets to pull from and send to clients, as well as using platforms like MailChimp and Hubspot to maintain and automate contact with individuals prospects, it allows them to remain in contact and not require the salesperson to try to discern a hot lead form a warm one. In the long run, this means more closed sales without spending a dollar on marketing adspend.

As time opened up, it became apparent that the LITE-CHECK team should embrace the other departments and services within Bahlr. We began developing digital lead generation strategies, using platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By leveraging more purpose-built video content in a series of narrated, demonstrated, and animated ads that are highly targeted and constantly tweaked to continually narrow the audience, utilize adspend as efficiently as possible, and continue finding more potential target markets, we have been able to create a heavily automated system that delivers valuable, pre-qualified leads on a consistent, daily basis. Coupling that with the LITE-CHECK team’s very high 10% close rate is a recipe for long-term success.

As complexity of digital marketing had grown over the first 18 months, the network of landing pages and ads began to create bottlenecks in itself, which led Bahlr and LITE-CHECK towards addressing some of the assets that the LITE-CHECK team had already curated prior to our relationship. It’s important to both parties that we continually address these issues in order to stay on top of the marketing efforts to prevent future issues. It became apparent that it was time to consolidate all of these assets into one cohesive location that could be accessed by anyone and easily navigated.

The LITE-CHECK team over the years had created multiple websites for different products and brand resources that, although worked well for informational purposes, lacked in some areas regarding conversion of marketing efforts; digital marketing isn’t what the sites were initially built for, but the technology and knowledge that we have gained in the marketing world over the last decade since the previous LITE-CHECK website efforts were started meant that we could greatly improve what they had through UI/UX improvements, design, and functionality. This new web build would be conversion-focused with the intention of the main traffic source being from paid marketing. Along with combining multiple user funnels to create layers of effectiveness, we wanted to add functionality to help potential buyers discern between the multiple products, implement e-commerce for accessories and add-ons, house all tech support software and downloads, and “prescribe” the correct product to unsure customers to increase the quality of leads and the exposure to the products before the client speaks to a salesperson. In 2020, it’s important that a website function as much as a sales tool as a source of information.

The last major marketing effort was to create a brand identity out of everything that we had done. LITE-CHECK is already the unequivocal leader in technology, quality, engineering, and customer service; it’s just a matter of making this known to the public. The most effective way to do that in today’s age of marketing is to build a digital presence that not only caters to the industry, but also focuses on the intangibles. Selling product is great for the immediate scenario, but in order to future-proof a brand, it’s important that we create a community of dedicated followers… and that takes much more than just speaking about a company’s products. To bridge this gap, we carefully constructed a social media strategy that encouraged followers within the industry and functions as a sounding board for leaders and employees alike to positively discuss industry trends and news in a way that encourages engagement and creates a sense of community outside of LITE-CHECK’s products alone.

By creating consistently great content and creating multiple campaigns to gain followers, we have taken LITE-CHECK’s social media to a relatively ignored 40 followers to well over 2,000 engaged members with minimal adspend; content is king and these nearly 2,500 people (and growing every day) are working within the industry and are exposed to the LITE-CHECK brand on a close-to-daily basis. Although there is no way to attribute direct sales to a branding campaign, such as a unified social media presence, the lasting awareness and, more importantly: brand trust is something that cannot be gained in any other feasible outlet.

Success with Lead Generation and Cohesion


Over the course of this close-to-two-year relationship, the Bahlr and LITE-CHECK teams have collaborated to create admirable success in the form of a cohesive marketing effort across most every platform available to us, and over the course of the relationship to come, we are laser-focused to continue exploring new avenues, narrowing effectiveness on current efforts, and continuing to delivering value to one of our most well-rounded clients. With a distribution network as large as that of LITE-CHECK’s and as little competition as they currently have in the digital space, it’s important that we effectively touch on as many outlets as possible to impress upon as many potential buyers as possible. And, with the continual improvements in LITE-CHECK’s products, doors and windows open for us to continually upsell current LITE-CHECK users to ensure that the market never becomes saturated.

We have delivered hundreds of hot leads that have already delivered more than four times their return on adspend, which will surely translate to many more multiples considering the long sales funnel and training sessions that the LITE-CHECK products necessitate as more of those leads are closed in future weeks and months. Many of the leads have been for large, international transportation companies operating out of both the Unites States and Canada. This has also all been while juggling many creative and development jobs that haven’t allowed us to put all of our effort into the digital marketing portion. As of the writing of this case study and with the launch of the new website and continued growth of search engine optimization, user tracking, and user interface improvements, we are confident that these results will continue to increase many times.

200 + Total Leads Delivered
2500 + New Social Followers
5 x Return on Ad Spend

Coupling marketing with the intrinsic value that the relationship provides in helping the LITE-CHECK team internally and with continuing to increase effectiveness of the not-forgone traditional marketing and sales methods (such as trade shows and face-to-face traveling salespeople), we have created a bulletproof marketing strategy together that will do nothing but improve over time as we stay ahead of the curve of the commercial transportation industry.

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