Bahlr Media Pathfinder Academy

Finding and creating a new path for Pathfinder Academy

The Brief

Pathfinder Academy is a program designed to train young adults to be leaders through a military style training expedition. As you could imagine, parents need to fully trust this company before sending their child out with them for days; that's where we come in. We collaborated with Pathfinder Academy to build a brand that would communicate the trust they needed, while not being too intimidating for people to be interested in joining. Luckily, an outdoor style brand is fun to design aesthetically and strategically, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

Pathfinder Academy photography Bahlr Media

The Problem

Communicating a business' message can be a huge undertaking for anyone, especially one that involves explaining to someone why they should trust you with their child for a week at a time. Communicating this message was critically important to the brand and its success. Pathfinder Academy had a direction of where they wanted to go, but nowhere to begin; we were starting from ground zero.

Pathfinder bi fold brochure mockup bahlr media

The Solution

When we, as a creative and strategical team, can start a brand from ground zero, we're given more creative freedom in making everything from the logo, photography, video, and website. How your company presents itself visually, says a lot to a potential customer. There's a reason curb appeal on houses and front window displays in stores play a critical role in capturing the trust and interest to get someone to reach out to you in the first place.

The Conclusion

We started off with the logo, colors and fonts, as those are the foundation to any brand. We then began creating the other assets, including the website, photography, video content, and print materials like brochures and business cards. All these items are the tools to help make a business successful. Both parties were happy with the outcome of the brand and content. The brand can now create the initial trust needed and start converting customers. Korey, the owner of Pathfinder Academy, now has a business that he can hit the ground running with, rather than spending so much time creating and figuring out what to do creatively and strategically. Starting a brand can be quite daunting and we are so happy we got to help him build his business and brand.

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