Bahlr Media Post Falls Family Dental

Provided Post Falls Family Dental a new site, brand, and launched a handful of successful marketing campaigns.

Post Falls Family Dental needed to acquire new patients.

When it comes to the dental industry, patient turnover is very low due to the lack of “shopping around.” It’s actually not uncommon for someone to have the same doctor until the doctor retires. This makes it difficult to gain new patients.

Website Mockup of Post Falls Family Dental

The Brief

Post Falls Family Dental is a locally-owned dentist office that was experiencing a stagnation in growth. PFFD partnered with Bahlr Media in 2017 with the goal of increasing their patient scheduling to a point that it made sense to expand their staff. Operating in a small but growing market and in an industry that has relatively low patient turnover, the challenge was to differentiate PFFD from the franchised dental offices that have begun sprouting up in the area, without relying on the clichéd “Support Local Businesses” approach.

The Problem:

When it comes to medical fields the patient turnover is very low due to the lack of “shopping around.” Generally, a patient will stick to the dentist or doctor that they are comfortable with unless they are given a reason to leave, such as bad service, prices, a lack of trust, or relocation. It’s actually not uncommon for someone to have the same doctor until the doctor retires and they are forced to find a new one. This makes it difficult to gain patients since there’s very little you can do to encourage people to switch, especially when insurance coverages and recommendations are also a large factor.

The Solution:

After a rebrand and new website build to match, we began putting together a marketing deployment strategy. Together, we developed a strategy that utilizes a hybrid of Facebook and Instagram lead generation and Google Search Ads as well as the creation of viral marketing videos. In order to set ourselves apart, we went to the drawing board to brainstorm potential promotions that we could run in conjunction with these. After research and testing, we found that the best performing promotion for the price was for PFFD to give away a free Philips Sonicare toothbrush for any patients that schedule a consultation and accept a long-term treatment plan.

The Conclusion:

Post Falls Family Dental’s lead generation campaigns have always served as an example of what Bahlr Media is capable of and our emphasis on quality over quantity. By working together with the client, we are able to deliver leads that are of higher quality than any other marketing company, which means that the client is able to capitalize on a much higher percentage of them, especially on digital platforms that allow us to track analytics in great detail and make incremental changes to campaigns.

In the time since, we have delivered over 300 pre-qualified, highly-motivated leads at an average cost of $16 per lead. The PFFD staff has been able to schedule over 60% of those leads for treatment, on average, which is substantially higher than industry average. Based on industry standards of the lifetime value of a dental patient, we conservatively estimate a 30x return on investment (ROI) over the course of these campaigns, so far. Leads have come in so fast, we typically only run lead generation for about a week at a time every couple months to fill PFFD’s schedule, as per the owner’s request.

300 + Qualified Highly Motivated Leads
$ 16 Average Cost Per Lead
30 x Return on Investment Over 3 Campaigns

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