Bahlr Media Pursuit Of Profit

Created a new brand for a local profit coach and provided her with a consistent social media presence.

Branding Case Study

Pursuit Of Profit

Leanne Ozaine-Smith is a professional Financial Planner and Profit Coach local to the Spokane area. Since 2004, she’s had over 26,000 entrepreneurs come through her practice in hopes of increasing their profit. Leanne’s bubbly personality is matched by her intense passion for helping small business owners take control of their finances.

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The Brief

Much of Leanne’s success had come from her public speaking ability and networking skills, however, she was struggling to reach entrepreneurs outside of her immediate community. Upon Leanne joining Bahlr Media in 2018, our goal was to elevate Pursuit of Profit’s brand image in an effort to appeal to a larger, more affluent audience. We believed that Leanne’s business had a large amount of untapped potential; quality content and brand awareness would be the means of unlocking that potential.

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The Problem

Leanne was finding success largely through various workshops and word-of-mouth efforts. What she lacked was a cohesive, organized brand image that could captivate the attention of entrepreneurs that had yet to see the value of profit-coaching. Financial advising is a very high involvement purchase, which requires more persuasion and conversion than other product offerings. Leanne’s service would have to be at the forefront of the consumer’s mind if she was to reach the target audience.

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The Solution

We gave Pursuit of Profit a full rebrand, including a sleek logo that better represented Leanne’s professionalism. By creating a landing page, we gave hundreds of users access to Leanne’s e-book. In using prior instagram templates, courtesy of Maker and Made, we also managed Pursuit of Profit’s organic social media, curating consistent and engaging content that not only reflected Leanne’s persona, but provided her with a basis of social media management. In addition, we launched and promoted Leanne’s podcasts on a new and improved platform.

Pursuit of profit social media


Pursuit of Profit is a testament to how a polished re-brand can make all the difference. Through consistent messaging and constant deployment of content, Leanne has seen more engagement and interest in her services. A great example of this is the amount of people that signed up for her “There is Hope” class, an online workshop that tackled the business owner’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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