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Launched marketing campaigns that helped grow the Spokane Family Dental Family

Spokane Family Dental, being new to the area, wanted to capture as much of the Spokane Valley market as they could.

SFD wanted to make sure their practice got off to a fast start. That is why it was imperative to them, that they maximized their marketing dollars to get the most out of them.

The Brief

Spokane Family Dental was a new dental office in the Spokane Valley, WA area. They wanted to make sure their practice grew at a healthy rate and that their marketing dollars were being utilized to their maximum potential. That is why they wanted to not only hit the area with promotional direct mailers, but also promote their practice on social media at the same time. The goal was to have their target demographic see them everywhere.

SFD looked to be top of mind at all times.

Brand Assets and Campaign Building

The Problem

Since Spokane Family Dental was a new practice, Bahlr had to build their assets, as well as research and build their marketing campaigns. It was important that we did thorough research, so that we set the campaigns up for as much success as possible. Since they were the first ads SFD had put out, we wanted to make sure the right message came across to their community. These campaigns would also lay the foundation for future campaigns, so getting as much useful information out of them, on top of bringing in new clients, was crucial.

As we were building the video assets for marketing, it was imperative that we unify their brand and design some print assets as well. The biggest thing we saw was the need for the logo to be symmetrical in layout, but also the balance in the capitalization of Spokane Family Dental, as well as update the brand to a newer, friendlier look. This is a family dentist after all.

SFD Logo Example 01

The Solution

Bahlr scheduled multiple video shoots in order to capture the SFD staff on video promoting the practice, as well as the specials that they were running to new and pre-existing patients. Initially, we found success with their Free Teeth Whitening Promo, where patients could get free teeth whitening trays, as long as they were a patient and followed their cleaning recommendations and appointments.

We launched these videos on social media, where the primary conversion was Facebook Messenger. At the time of this campaign, cost per conversion was down, so SFD was able to capitalize on the attention, as well as the lower cost per clicks compared to their industry average (their CPC was about 15% lower than industry average).

SFD Ad Example 01

As time went on, Spokane Family Dental saw growing success with their emergency dental promotional video. After initial success, Bahlr encouraged SFD to increase their budget by ~35% in order to increase the success of their campaign. Both sides continued to monitor and watch as inquires continued to reach out and see about a 30% conversion rate of those who reached out about scheduling an appointment, which far exceeds expectations of just about any digital marketing campaign, let alone one in the medical industry.

The Conclusion:

In an industry that understands the importance of patient retention, Spokane Family Dental prioritizes their patients (new and old) in order to keep a healthy relationship; it was important to them for that to come through in their videos. SFD is an example of Bahlr's ability to understand that a company's first step into marketing needs to be as calculated and as on the mark as possible.

As Spokane Family Dental continues to grow and become more of a staple in Spokane Valley, it will be important for them to balance their ability to capture new patients, as well as build a high patient retention rate, as the medical industry tends to be one where there is very little patient turn over.

62 + Hot Messenger Leads
15 % Industry Average Cost-Per-Lead
~ 9 X Return on Ad Spend

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