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An Exclusive Refuge for Visionaries and Innovators

Bahlr VIP is the epitome of exclusivity and luxury for the entrepreneurial elite. Reserved for a select few, our members enjoy unparalleled access, bespoke services, and the opportunity to forge connections that redefine the boundaries of business and innovation. Here, privacy, prestige, and progress converge in a sanctuary designed for industry leaders.

Elevate your professional journey with Bahlr VIP Membership, designed for visionaries seeking to amplify their brand and network. Enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Monthly 30 min one-on-one sessions with Corey to align your brand’s presence and strategize for success.
  • Engage in optional monthly group video sessions with Corey and the rest of the network and connect with the elite Bahlr VIP community.
  • Get first invites to all my exclusive functions, from dinners to parties.
  • Get in the rotation to join Corey’s special, all-expenses-paid monthly 4-person roundtable dinner at a top-tier restaurant.
  • Instant access to a network of influential investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.
  • Be featured in all of Bahlr’s content.
  • Lock in your membership fee now and enjoy expanding benefits without any increase in your rate. Whatever the rate on the page is now, is the rate at the time.
  • Join now and position yourself among our expanding network.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a member, how do I sign up for my monthly session as a VIP?

Schedule your session directly via our link provided here.

What should I expect at the monthly video conferences?

Monthly video conferences feature a speaker from Corey’s network, offering insights on their growth and entrepreneurial journey. These sessions include Q&A opportunities, ensuring members can engage directly with these accomplished individuals. Corey facilitates each 30-minute session, maintaining a strict schedule to respect members’ time.

What do you mean by guaranteed rate?

When you join Bahlr VIP at today’s rate, that rate is yours to keep—forever. As the network grows and becomes more valuable, the cost for new members will rise, but not for you. This guarantee means your early investment secures you ongoing access at today’s price, offering unmatched value as we expand our elite network. It’s a strategic move to lock in your membership now, ensuring you benefit from future enhancements without any additional cost.

How do I know this is worth it?

Joining Bahlr VIP connects you with Corey’s tirelessly curated network of top-tier entrepreneurs, ensuring immediate value from an already impressive member base. This isn’t just a network; it’s a high-value community, meticulously assembled to enrich every member’s journey. Corey’s commitment to excellence and strategic networking makes this membership a significant investment in your professional growth, with the benefits evident from the moment you join.

What is the current rate to join?

For up-to-date membership rates, please visit the bottom of https://bahlr.com/vip/.

How can I get more out of the Bahlr VIP network?

Engage actively within the community, contribute value, and explore further opportunities through my consulting services.

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Membership to Bahlr VIP is $200 $100 per month

A testament to the unparalleled value and exclusivity it offers.

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