Where to Start: Google or Facebook?

Sep 25, 2023

In 2019 the giants of digital marketing are Google and Facebook(who also owns Instagram). One question I get a lot is where should my business start Google or Facebook?

As all answers in life, it depends.

The main factor in deciding where to start depends heavily on your digital marketing goals. Do you want immediate direct sales? Are you trying to get in front of people that may not know you exist? Is your business a need or a want?

Advertising on Google is based entirely on intentionality, meaning that someone is actively looking for your service or product and wants information now. For example purposes let’s say your business is in dentistry of some sort. Google can really drive leads to your business because when someone needs a dentist the first place they go is to Google to find an office. Business’s that fall under the category of “need” from consumers should absolutely start on Google, it is low hanging fruit to capture someone actively looking for what you offer.

Facebook is much different than Google because you are trying to capture the attention of consumers with targeting based on interests and demographics. Let’s keep using the dentist example, on Facebook you would probably target mom’s from age 25 to 50 that have a decent income level. The goal is that when a mom does see a dentist ad on Facebook that when they do decide it is time for a family member to visit the dentist, your office is top of mind and the first place mom thinks of.

Of course there are exceptions to these base examples, Bahlr has had a lot of success with running promo based ads on social media. Google also has its place when you are trying to get in front of people that you have never heard of you.

In the end, digital marketing is here to stay and whatever your business does, it should start advertising digitally as soon as possible. Bahlr Media’s role is to help discover what works best for you and your business.

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